Abyss Maguro electric reel: Your reliable ally for deep sea fishing

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• “High Resistance” duralumin alloy body”
• “One way” clutch anti-reverse system with multipoint assistant.
• Precision gears in hardened and stainless copper.
• Powerful reinforced carbon disc brake system.
• Hardened aluminum alloy wire guide.
• Duralumin coil machined by CNC numerical control.
• Digital meter counter with LCD display
• Engine made in Japan.
• Speed switch and control of the same millimeter.
• Release lever and release controllable with “click”.
• Ergonomic knob.
• Screwed by injection procedure.
• Simple meter counter control setting with four memories.
• 10 stainless steel bearings plus a needle bearing.
• Voltage: 12V.DC
• Includes Power Cord.
• Suitable for fishing in a marine vessel.