Tunita Curly. A minnow soft baits very versatile and super realistic.

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• Lure with the same benefits as the Tunita Squid but in the shape of a traditional “minnow” fish, fingerling size with a body of just 12 centimeters and with a circular or “curly” tail that gives it a very realistic movement both when falling and when rise.
• It is a lure as valid for saltwater as for freshwater. You can add an assist in the belly and leave it hanging or add a small spoon to generate more attractiveness as if they were a fish and its young swimming together.
• Lure designed mainly for vertical jigging that with fast movements generates the same action to a prey fish that flees in front of a predator, which unleashes a direct attack on many occasions, depending on the movements that are given it can look like a wounded fish, something also very attractive for dentex samas, sea bass or snapper.
• This lure is so versatile that it can be used for spinning in strips of water between 10 and 20 meters, it is an ideal lure to awaken the instinct of any nearby predator.
• The system allows you to exchange weights and colors so that with 3 lures of different colors and 3 different weights it would be synonymous with 9 different lures. Undoubtedly a great advantage at all levels of both use and space saving for transport.
• Available in 6 colors and 3 different jig head (from 30 up to 85gr.) that includes a very sharp hook.