Tunita Soft: really versatile soft lure for trolling and vertical fishing

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• 100% original development designed by Tunita for tuna fishing, wahoo and large Atlantic and Mediterranean predators.
• A combination of weights and ultra-resistant rubber allows trolling at very high speeds with a soft-bodied lure, allowing it to reach even 12 knots without problems, with two different weights of more than 2 and 3 kg respectively each head.
• Very stable navigations and a touch of live bait fish are obtained.
• Also prepared for use for vertical fishing, allowing with this lure to stop the boat and to be able to fish with it “in the fall” while gaining depth or even once the sample has reached the depth where the tuna school is located, 30 , 50 m or more, then stop the fall and start a new bottom trolling in a way never done until now.
• The lure mounts Jinkai hooks and extra strong swivel allowing the fishing of animals of more than 300 kg without any problem.
• Silver medal at the EFTTEX awards for the best lure of the year in 2022