Tunita Squid is a lure designed to hold different sinker heads in an interchangeable way, which are adjusted and fixed without the need of any type of glue or similar, facilitating the disassembly and the change of each weight.

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• Lure designed for vertical jigging but with the versatility of being able to be used with different movements to achieve different fishing actions.
• Ideal for Jigging, Spinning or Trolling.
• Realistic 3D eyes literally identical to those of real squids.
• Manufactured with an ultra-soft and silky plastic studied after multiple tests to find the ideal level of shore (hardness) to achieve its movements of both fins and tentacles.
• All the bodies are photoluminescent, each one with a different hue, something that the fish perfectly appreciate due to their UV vision with a spectrum greater than ours, and that is very evident with the naked eye without light.
• This lure is prepared to remove a small spoon at the end of the sheath and join it to the lead or if desired it is also prepared to put assistan hooks.
• Available in 2 size (16cm and 19cm), 7 colors and 6 different jig head (from 50 up to 250 gr.) that includes a very sharp hook.