Wiffis Tuna Hollow: the next generation in Big Game fishing line.

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• Hollow line specially manufactured for tuna fishing, line made with 16 strands of Dyneema that confers the particularity of generating a very powerful line which is structurally hollow, this facilitates different techniques of use that, through the “Tunita inox for hollow needles “, allow nylon or fluorocarbon lines to be introduced inside the main line, achieving much more resistant technical assemblies even without knots.
• It is a proven successful line for fishing large predators, especially tuna or marlin.
• Its touch is silky, its red color is ultra-resistant and does not stain the fisherman or clothing, and it is served in a wide variety of formats from small 50-yard spools to perform only assist as well as large 600, 1.000 and 1.100 yard spools to mount large deep sea fishing reels.
• Made in Europe.